NeoLux Co., Ltd. Launches solar cell Ink-In-Motion (IIM)

Neolux is hereby pleased to announce the launch of a new power application using solar cells in producing electricity for practical use.Since 2004, we have successfully developed various versions of displays using Electronic papers with different types of battery.After many years of in depth study and research at our laboratory, solar-powered display has finally came out.

With an increasing rise in awareness of environmental issues nowadays, solar panel as a clean and permanent energy source is becoming 
a major candidate to save energy consumption.

Recent research and development of new clean energies have been encouraged along with build up of environmental awareness, solar power generation systems using solar panel for directly converting the optical energy of the sun into an electrical energy 
with high conversion efficiency are proliferating.


Combining this solar cell with our Ink-In-Motion display, this solar panel supplies the power to the display and keeps the display running up to 18 months of continuous using.  


Our display has been broadly accepted by global brand owners by its ultra long battery life performance but this solar powered display lasts even longer, almost permanently.


The controller is placed inside of the back panel since they don't require power cord, so the whole package looks more compact, slim and stable than ever! 


Direct units are relatively easy to install as long as the area has standard indoor brightness without any expensive solar specialists as it comes with everything needed for operation. So almost anyone easily install, move and use it.


Best of all, it has no operating costs and maintenance fee since its needless to spend money on buying battery or electric bills.


This new, cost effective, and eco-friendly display will be substituted for standard battery powered display.



Features ;
- Works under standard indoor lighting (400 lux. at minimum)
(Usually most of the convenient store and marts are much brighter than 400 lux.)

- The price of soar powered display would be around USD 5.00 higher than standard battery type
- One solar panel in size of 124 x 39 mm / 2 mm thick let the display works up to 18 months of continuous using

- Maximum display size for solar cell is 265 x 126 mm
- Whole package is 7.5 mm thick
- Flat surface in PVC frame

- No operating, maintenance fee

- Durable, long lasting construction

- Easy installation with extensive application 

- No extra battery needed

- Portability



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